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Prescott AZ Pest Control


Pest Control in Prescott, Arizona to Termite control. We at Fast Service Exterminating, Inc. provide fast and reliable service in pest control and termite control services all over the state of Arizona.

Get a fast reliable pest control service in the Phoenix, AZ metro and Prescott area today.

Good night and don't let the bed bugs bite. Our bed bug treatments come with a 1-year warranty. Rest assured we will get rid of the bed bugs that are invading your home or office in Phoenix, AZ. 

Are you hearing something in the attic crawling around? It may be Rats. Rats are getting worse every year. Call for a quote today.

With over 20,000 Termite Control treatments done in the Phoenix, AZ area alone, we can defiantly get rid of those wood-destroying pests today.

Buying a home?  Do you need an FHA or VA inspection report? We have done over 10,000 termite reports in the Phoenix area. 

Have bees in a tree or wasp in a bush? Call today to get a fast reliable service.

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