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"How to Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Prescott Valley Home"

Pest infestations can be a significant problem in homes in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Here are some tips to help prevent pest infestations:

  1. Seal any cracks and holes in your home's exterior: Pests can enter your home through tiny cracks and holes in the walls, roof, or foundation. Use caulking, weather stripping, or mesh to seal any gaps in these areas.

  2. Keep your home clean and tidy: Regularly clean your home, including vacuuming carpets, wiping counters, and sweeping floors. Keep clutter to a minimum and avoid leaving food out on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink.

  3. Store food properly: Keep food in sealed containers and avoid leaving food out overnight. Don't forget about pet food, which can also attract pests.

  4. Fix leaks and moisture problems: Pests are attracted to moist areas, so fix any leaks or moisture problems in your home. This includes fixing leaky pipes, repairing roof leaks, and keeping gutters clear of debris.

  5. Trim trees and bushes: Trees and bushes can provide a pathway for pests to enter your home. Keep them trimmed back and away from your home's exterior.

  6. Hire a pest control professional: Consider hiring Fast Service Exterminating to regularly inspect and treat your home. They can help identify potential problem areas and provide treatments to prevent pests from entering your home.

By following these tips, you can help prevent pest infestations in your Prescott Valley home. If you do have a pest problem, it's important to act quickly and contact Fast Service Exterminating for assistance.

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